Review Samsung WB30F WiFi Digital Camera Introduction:

Samsung launched a broad range of digital compact cameras during the first quarter of 2013. Among the new digital cameras is the micro slim Samsung WB30F WiFi camera. The Samsung WB30F Smart Camera packs all the features and performance of a full-size camera into a compact and stylish package that fits in your palm. The whole wide world is yours to capture! Travel zoom cameras offer a pretty handy size advantage over most SLR-like ultra zooms and interchangeable-lens cameras, even mirror fewer models. That makes them quite well-suited to trips where you need to pack light, but they're still not the smallest cameras around. The Samsung WB30F, though, aims to trim as much fat as possible from the long-zoom WB camera series. It's not a direct successor to any particular model, but rather a new concept that Samsung describes as a "mini model". Like its nearest siblings, it includes Wi-Fi connectivity, and to ease the process of setting up a connection, there's a Wi-Fi Direct Link button dedicated to the task. Experience the wireless advantages of the Smart Camera’s Wi-Fi connectivity and truly intelligent features.

Samsung WB30F WiFi Digital Camera Features:

The Samsung WB30F enables quick connection to Wi-Fi networks, while Auto Share, Social Sharing, Cloud, email, All Share Play and PC Auto Backup let you share memories with friends and family around the world. The Samsung WB30F includes features like Software Upgrade Notified, the Samsung Smart Camera App, Mobile Link and Remote Viewfinder - they all make it easy to connect to your smartphone and tablet. The Samsung WB30F lets you instantly email or post must-see images and videos to your favorite social networks. Just select and upload wherever you have a WiFi connection, and then add tags and comments. The Samsung WB30F pairs a 1/2.3-inch, 16.2 megapixel CCD image sensors with a 10x optical zoom lens. The sensor's sensitivity range covers everything from ISO 80 to 3,200 equivalents. The lens carries Samsung WB30F Camera Charger branding, and provides a healthy 35mm-equivalent zoom range from a 24mm wide angle to a 240mm telephoto. Maximum aperture starts off at a f/3.1, and falls to f/6.3 by the tale position. Optical image stabilization is included in the design.
Samsung WB30F Camera Review
On the rear panel, there's a 3.0-inch LCD monitor, with a total resolution of around 320 x 240 pixels. By way of comparison, assuming three dots per color, that's equivalent to 230,000 dots -- about the norm these days, although some cameras have much higher dot counts, and a rare few still offer lower resolution. The WB30F includes the latest iteration of Samsung's Smart Camera system. Now dubbed Smart Camera 2.0, the system allows for quick one-click sharing of images with a smartphone. It also lets you remotely control the camera using a free Samsung Smart Camera app, available on either Android or iOS operating systems. This provides not only for remote shutter release, but also for remote viewfinder, so you can confirm everybody's pose is OK before tripping the shutter. There's also a live panorama function to help with capturing and stitching multi-shot panes, plus a magic frame function as seen on last year's models that lets you overlay a variety of picture frames on your photos. The Samsung WB30F Battery Charger also allows for high-def movie capture, with videos saved using MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 compression. The camera’s 10x optical telephoto lens might not sound as heavy weight because the different Weber models on the market, however it still offers a 24-240mm equivalent vary – quite enough for wide scenes or medium-zoom to hone in on additional distant subjects. a fast flick of the zoom toggle and that we found the WB30F digital camera’s operation to be sleek and swift.
Samsung WB30F Camera Features
Whether image quality can match up to the opposite WB-series camera models is that the biggest question on our lips. With a 16-megapixel CCD device, not the newest CMOS version, logic would recommend that it’ll air the rear foot once it involves image quality Samsung Camera Charger. However till we tend to see a final version we tend to simply will not understand. The Samsung WB30F stores images and movies on Secure Digital cards, including the newer SDHC and SDXC types. Connectivity includes standard-def composite video output and USB 2.0 High Speed data. Power comes from a proprietary BP70A lithium-ion rechargeable battery. No information on battery life was available at press time.

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