Review Olympus Stylus VH-515 Compact Camera Introduction:

Olympus is proud to announce the new Olympus VH-515, a compact camera packed with the most advanced features, such as a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, iHS Technology from a digital SLR image processing engine.The Olympus VH-515 compact camera boasts a 25mm wide-angle, 5x optical zoom in a slim and stylish body, with a rich variety of colors to choose from. The Olympus VH-510 digital camera is equipped with simple auto functions, such as iAUTO, and Auto Tracking Autofocus that allow anyone to easily take beautiful photos, even those who are new to digital cameras. With Dual Image Stabilization, the combination of CMOS shift-type image stabilization and high-sensitivity shooting, both cameras shake and subject blur are reduced.

Olympus Stylus VH-515 Camera Features:

Full High-Def video recording capability and a Makeup function, all in a compact and stylish camera body. Olympus compact digital cameras are equipped with image processing technology in the form of iHS Technology, enabling high-sensitivity, low noise, and a fast autofocus. With Super Resolution zoom, and iAUTO, which detects subjects and scenes from a maximum of 29 patterns, users can easily capture pictures just as they appear to the eye. Full High-definition videos are easy to capture with a single push of the button on the rear of the Olympus camera. With a 1920x1080 pixel high-definition size Olympus VH-515 Camera Charger, and H.264 movie compression, beautiful HD videos can be record even longer. With a dedicated movie button, starting and stopping movies is easy with a single touch. Linear PCM method is used for audio recording for clear audio quality. Magic Filter makes shooting even more fun by including two new filters: Dramatic, and Fragmented. Of the 12 available filters, 10 filter effects can also be used for recording High-Definition movies.
Olympus Stylus VH-515 Camera eview
The Olympus Stylus VH-515 is modeled around a 1/2.3″ 12-megapixel BSI-CMOS image sensor, and assimilates a 5x optical zoom lens with an equivalent 26 – 130 mm focal length, and a fixed 3-inch TFT color LCD touchscreen display with 460k-dot resolution. The VH-515 is capable of 1080p Full HD video capture at 30 frames per second, with several other lower resolution options made available. This device offers 38 MB of internal flash memory A microSD/SDHC/SDXC slot is proffered for memory storage and expansion. Additional features include a USB connectivity option Olympus VH-515 Battery Charger, EyeFi wireless support, 6 preset autofocus modes, as well as a rechargeable LI-50B lithium-ion battery power supply.
Olympus Stylus VH-515 Camera Features
The Olympus VH515 features creative photo features. Beauty Mode makes skin appear more smooth and beautiful when shooting, and the Makeup function allows users to apply full makeup after shooting images. Users can enjoy effects such as adding blush or eye shadow, false eyelashes, changing eye color, and making eyes appear bigger. The Olympus VH-515 compact camera also includes a function that automatically detects pets - dogs and cats - faces, and snaps a photo of them at the best possible timing. This is a compact and stylish Olympus camera, filled with features that are useful not only for events, but for everyday snapshots as well. The Olympus VH-515 digital compact camera will go on sale starting mid-September 2012. VH-515 Olympus Camera Charger price information was not mentioned in the press release. Availability of colors and optional Olympus accessories may differ depending on the country. Please check the Olympus digital camera website in your country for more information.

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